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Primary Task:

What is Aceify? is a new AI tool for students that offers a study companion for your online quizzes and assessments, which is available as a Google Chrome extension. Aceify is designed to support your academic journey by helping you easily collect and review question-and-answer information from any online quiz or assessment.

It collects data from online quizzes and assessments for future review to increase understanding of the subject and highlights the areas that need improvement. This way, you can focus on the topics that matter most for your academic success.

Key Features:

  • AutoSelect: Aceify automatically selects the right answer for you, saving you time and effort. (Limited to select websites)
  • Works On All Major Platforms: The screenshot tool enables you to use it across multiple platforms.
  • Math questions: Solve and understand math questions easily with Aceify.
  • Chrome Extension: Solve your assignments with the convenience of browser extension,

Aceify Pros

  • Available as an extension
  • Offers a free plan
  • Auto select feature
  • Highlights key areas
  • Time-saving
  • Screenshot search

Aceify Cons

  • Only available for Chrome
  • Limited free version
  • Works only on limited platforms

Use cases for Aceify

  • Students: Looking to enhance their studies with the help of AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aceify is an browser extension AI tool for students, which enables them to use artificial intelligence to solve their assignments and online quizzes. is an AI tool for students to help them with their assignments and online quizzes.

Aceify offers a free plan which gives users limited access to the tool. After trying the users can then decide whether they want to upgrade or not. does work and helps in solving assignments and quizzes although it works on a few platforms and the screenshot search feature is paid. is available as a Chrome extension to users to try for free.

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