AI animation software to animate talking 3D Avatars and more.
Primary Task:

What is Krikey? is an AI animation maker designed to simplify the creation of animations with the help of artificial intelligence. With Krikey AI Animation, you can transform written prompts into animations in just a few clicks, The platform also offers pre-made characters and scenes, allowing you to create engaging content quickly.

Its versatility caters to various needs, including educational, promotional, and creative projects, making it ideal for both professionals and hobbyists. The tool brings animation creation into the hands of everyone, enhancing digital storytelling experiences.

Key Features:

  • AI Animation: Transform text prompts into animations and streamline the animation process.
  • Pre-Made Characters and Scenes: Offers a variety of ready-to-use characters and backgrounds, reducing creation time and providing a starting point for projects.
  • Ease of Use: Features an intuitive interface that makes creating animations accessible, even for beginners.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for educational content, promotional material, and creative projects, catering to diverse needs.
  • Multi-Platform Export: Enables users to export animations in formats compatible with various platforms, expanding the reach of their creations.
  • Creative Flexibility: Users can customize animations further, creating a unique and personalized digital storytelling experience.

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Krikey AI Pros

  • Converts text prompts into animations
  • Pre-made characters and scenes
  • 3D Character studio
  • Intuitive interface for easy use
  • Multi-platform export options
  • Fast animation creation process
  • 3D meme generator
  • Enhances storytelling
  • Customizable animations
  • Broad range of scene choices
  • Includes various character styles
  • Versatile for different content types

Krikey AI Cons

  • Limited customization options
  • No offline functionality
  • Limited free trial
  • Some animations might appear generic
  • Limited number of free pre-made scenes
  • Subscription required for advanced features

Use cases for Krikey

  • Educational Videos: Educators can create engaging videos by transforming text-based lessons into animations, making content more accessible and interactive for students.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Businesses can use to generate animated advertisements or product demos quickly, enhancing their marketing strategies.
  • Social Media Content: Content creators can convert short text prompts into shareable animations, diversifying their social media presence.
  • Creative Projects: Individuals can use the tool to turn their stories or ideas into visual narratives, exploring new forms of digital storytelling.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers a free trial of their AI animation software, it includes 20 credits (one time) to try out AI animations and 3d characters for free. offers 2 plan tiers: Krikey AI Standard with 165 monthly credits for $14.99/month or $159.99/year, and Krikey AI Pro with 350 monthly credits for $29.99/month or $339.99/year.

Krikey AI offers a 3D character and animation AI software that allows its users to create talking 3D avatars, 3D character AI studio, and 3D meme generator to make funny gifs, birthday invitations and more.

You do not need any technical background or skills to use Krikey AI, its animation tools are made to be used by everyone. Krikey empowers anyone to create 3D characters and animations with the help of AI.

Krikey AI is a safe platform to use, it offers SSL protection and offers responsive support for their customers. It is also trusted by many big brands such as Amazon, Adobe, NVIDIA, and Canva.

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