Quickly convert text or audio into the voice of your favorite character and add pauses, emphasis, and even unique personality.
Primary Task:

What is FineVoice?

FineVoice by Fineshare is a versatile AI Voice Studio designed to transform text or audio into various character voices, catering to creative, entertaining, or professional needs. It offers a wide range of features including an AI Voice Changer, allowing you to alter your voice into different styles such as cartoons, robots, or any character you can imagine.

The Text to Speech function lets you convert text into natural-sounding speech, ideal for voiceovers in podcasts or videos. For transcription needs, its Speech to Text feature accurately converts audio files into text, making content management more efficient.

Additionally, FineVoice includes a Voice Recorder for capturing high-quality audio from various sources, an Audio Extractor for separating audio from video files, and AI Voice Cloning to replicate any voice with high fidelity​​​​.

Key Features:

  • AI Voice Changer: Transforms your voice into various styles like cartoons, robots, or any character, adding creativity and diversity to your audio projects​​.
  • Realistic AI Voice Generator: Quickly converts text into lifelike voices, making it easier to add unique voiceovers to podcasts, videos, and presentations​​.
  • High-Quality Voice Cloning: Enables the creation of any voice style, preserving accents and nuances of human speech without needing expensive equipment or complex software​​.
  • Fast & Accurate Transcription: Converts audio and video recordings into text efficiently, providing textual records and summaries to manage content conveniently​​.
  • Multitrack Voice Recording: Supports recording from multiple sources, allowing for the mixing of audio, music, and vocals, and the addition of audio effects like EQ and reverb​​.
  • Audio Extractor: Facilitates the extraction of audio from videos, allowing for easy editing and adjustments to create the desired audio track​​.
  • Soundboard & Voice Labo: Offers over 200 sound effects and 28 audio effects to unleash creativity and craft the ideal sound for any project​​.

FineVoice AI Pros

  • Diverse AI voice changer​​
  • Realistic voice generation​​
  • High-quality voice cloning​​
  • Fast, accurate transcription​​
  • Multitrack recording supported​​
  • Audio extraction from videos​​
  • Over 200 sound effects​​
  • 28 audio effects available​​
  • Customizable pitch, tone, speed​​
  • Over 1000 AI voices​​
  • Automatic transcription feature​​
  • Easy audio enhancement​​

FineVoice AI Cons

  • No offline functionality​​
  • Manual editing not supported​​
  • Lacks real-time collaboration​​
  • Advanced summarization missing​​
  • No mobile application​​

Use cases for FineVoice

  • Content Creation: Ideal for YouTubers or streamers looking to add unique and engaging voiceovers to their videos or live streams, using a range of AI-generated voices​​​​.
  • Educational Material: Educators can use the text-to-speech feature to create engaging voiceovers for e-learning content, making lessons more accessible and varied​​.
  • Podcasting: Podcasters can enhance their audio quality with professional voiceovers and sound effects, making their content stand out​​.
  • Business Presentations: Professionals can add high-quality voiceovers to presentations, making them more engaging and informative without the need for complex audio equipment​​.
  • Animation and Gaming: Animators and game developers can use voice cloning and AI voice changers to bring characters to life with realistic and diverse voice acting​​​​.
  • Accessibility Projects: Convert written content into speech for accessibility projects, making information more accessible to individuals with visual impairments​​​​.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FineVoice AI is free to use with limitations, users can change voice in real time, record sound from multiple sources, and extract audio from video for free. If you require additional features and limits you can upgrade to one of its paid plans.

FineVoice offers 3 monthly plans: Basic Plan with 100,000 characters per month and 24 hours AI voice change for $8.99/month, Pro Plan with 300,000 characters and unlimited AI voice change for $17.99/month, and Enterprise Plan with 1,000,000 characters and 600 minutes of automatic transcription for $31.99/month. Users can save 33% when purchasing annual plans.

FineVoice brings an AI voice studio at your fingertips, it offers a wide variety of features such as AI voice changer, text to speech, transcription, voice recorder, and voice cloning.

FineVoice is a great AI voice studio that offers to transform text or audio into various character voices and generate AI voices.

FineVoice is 100% safe and a secure platform to use, it has over 1 million active users.

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