Advanced AI music generator to create mood-based music tailored to compliment your content
Primary Task:

What is is a powerful AI music generation platform for video and podcast creators. It offers unique, royalty-free music tailored to complement your content. The platform uses advanced AI techniques to create mood-based music, allowing customization of length, genre, mood, and instruments. is a great tool for those looking to add impact to their videos, podcasts, or games with custom music tracks.

Key Features:

  • AI Music Generation: Creates music using AI, tailored to specific content needs.
  • Royalty-Free Tracks: Offers unique music tracks without royalty issues.
  • Instrument Customization: Allows for detailed control over the instruments used in each track, ensuring authenticity and personalization​​.
  • Flexible Track Lengths: Allows customization of music length based on content requirements.
  • Mood-Based Customization: Users can select the mood, genre, and instruments to suit their project’s tone.
  • Diverse Genre Selection: Features a wide range of music genres to choose from.
  • Ideal for Various Media: Suitable for videos, podcasts, games, and more.
  • Perpetual License: Provides a perpetual license for using soundtracks, enabling repeated use across different projects​​.
  • Industry-Standard Quality: Produces high-quality, production-ready music.

Beatoven AI Pros

  • Unique AI music generation
  • Royalty-free tracks for commercial use
  • Customizable mood, genre, and instruments
  • Flexibility in track length
  • High-quality, production-ready music
  • Wide variety of genres
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick and efficient music generation
  • Mood-based compositions​​
  • Detailed instrument customization​​
  • Royalty-free usage​​

Beatoven AI Cons

  • May lack human touch
  • Limited to the genres and styles in the system
  • Relies on effective user input
  • May not replace professional composers
  • Requires internet connection
  • No free downloads

Use cases for

  • Video Production: Filmmakers and video creators can use to add unique, mood-matching music to their productions.
  • Podcast Background Music: Podcasters can enhance their episodes with custom, royalty-free background music.
  • Gaming: Game developers can create immersive soundtracks tailored to different game scenes or environments.
  • Advertising: Advertisers can use it to produce compelling music for commercials and promotional videos.
  • Personal Projects: Individuals working on personal video or audio projects can easily add custom music.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers a free version where users can create unlimited tracks and have access to all genres, instruments, tempo, and volume dynamics for free. It does not offer downloads in its free plan, if users wish to download their music they will have to upgrade their plans. offers a monthly subscription starting from $6/month for 15 minutes of download each month, 30 minutes for $10/month, and 60 minutes for $20/month. Occasional users can also buy minutes starting from $3 per minute.

    Music generated with is 100% royalty free music and users get a perpetual license for using soundtracks. uses advanced algorithms to analyze and replicate patterns in existing music compositions. It has been trained on large datasets of music to develop a deep understanding of musical structure, and can be customized to fit a particular style or mood. features inlude AI music generation, royalty free music, mood-based music, and customization of length, genre, mood, and instruments.

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