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Elevating content creation with AI-powered copywriting.
Primary Task:

What is is your AI-powered writing companion. Featuring 90+ templates and support for 29+ languages, it streamlines copy creation, from blogs to emails to marketing copy. It is ideal for writers, marketers, content creators, and business owners, enhances your content with creativity and accuracy. Trusted by over 7 million users, it’s a leading copy AI tool.

  • Efficient Content Generation
  • Versatile Writing Styles
  • Multiple languages
  • Time-Saving
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • High-Quality Output
  • SEO Optimization Support
  • Social Media Copy Assistance
  • Email Marketing Content Generation
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Grammar and Style Corrections
  • Enhanced Ad Copy
  • Various Content Types
  • Limited Context Understanding
  • Potential Plagiarism Risks
  • Requires Manual Review
  • Subscription Cost
  • Occasional Inaccuracies

Use cases for

  • Content Creation: Generate blog posts, articles, and website content.
  • Marketing Copy: Create compelling ad copy for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Posts: Generate engaging social media content and captions.
  • Email Marketing: Craft email subject lines and marketing content.
  • SEO Optimization: Create meta descriptions and optimize content for search engines.
  • Product Descriptions: Write product descriptions for e-commerce websites.
  • Creative Writing: Generate creative stories, poems, or narratives.
  • Resume Writing: Create professional resumes and cover letters.
  • Brand Taglines: Develop catchy brand taglines and slogans.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an all-in-one AI copywriter, it can be used to write – sales copy, marketing copy, social media posts, product description, blog content, personal copies and translations.

Yes both ChatGPT and uses the same GPT-3 architecture but have been trained for different use cases. ChatGPT is used for creating chatbot conversations whereas, focuses on writing copies and content. is better at writing short copies such as marketing copies but when it comes to long-form content, there are better tools available. Hence, it is not our recommendation for SEO. is one of the easiest AI copywriters to use, it offers various features to help users such as templates, prompt library, various AI tools and a plagrisim checker.

Yes can be used to write a book. But it best shines in short length content.

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