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What is FlowChai?

FlowChai is an AI platform designed to increase productivity and growth in businesses. It features a Chrome extension that enhances the usability and power of ChatGPT. Its key functionalities include scheduled tasks for data capture, flow reports for automating workflows, and scheduled reporting for streamlined traditional reporting processes.

Additionally, it supports data upload of various file types, email report sharing, and advanced AI capabilities for data extraction. FlowChai is geared towards automating and enhancing business operations with AI technology.

Key Features:

  1. Chrome Extension for ChatGPT: Enhances the functionality of ChatGPT through a convenient Chrome extension.
  2. Scheduled Tasks for Data Capture: Automates data capture processes, making information gathering more efficient.
  3. Flow Reports: Simplifies workflow automation, assisting in organizing and managing tasks.
  4. Scheduled Reporting: Streamlines traditional reporting processes with automatic scheduling.
  5. Diverse Data Upload Support: Allows uploading of various file types for processing and analysis.
  6. Email Report Sharing: Facilitates easy sharing of reports and data via email.
  7. Advanced AI for Data Extraction: Utilizes AI technology for precise data extraction from various sources.

FlowChai Pros

  • Enhances ChatGPT functionality
  • Chrome extension
  • Automates data capture
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Flow reports
  • Simplifies reporting processes
  • Supports various file types
  • Facilitates easy sharing
  • Precise data extraction
  • Improves business operation efficiency
  • Customizable for different business needs
  • Enhances data management and analysis
  • Saves time in routine tasks
  • User-friendly interface

FlowChai Cons

  • Dependent on internet connectivity
  • May have a learning curve for full utilization
  • Only available for Chrome
  • Limited to functionalities within the extension
  • Relies on user input for tasks
  • Integration with specific systems might be limited
  • Potential privacy concerns with data handling

Use cases for FlowChai

  • Business Analytics: Companies can utilize FlowChai to automate data capture and analysis, enhancing their analytics capabilities.
  • Workflow Automation: Ideal for streamlining and automating business workflows, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  • Report Generation and Sharing: Useful for creating and distributing reports automatically, aiding in communication and decision-making processes.
  • Data Management: Assists in managing and extracting valuable insights from various types of business data.
  • Task Scheduling and Management: Helps in scheduling and managing routine tasks, improving overall productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Flowchai offers 4 plans: Personal Plan for $49/month with 2000 report credits, Professional Plan for $149 with 6000 credits, Small Business Plan for $299 with 12,000 credits and Enterprise Plan for $999 with 40,000 credits. They do offer teachers, students and non profit organizations.

Flowchai does offer a free plan to its users, which includes unlimited projects, 100 Report Credits/month, and 1,000 Pages of Data Storage for free. If users wish to get more credits they can upgrade to their paid plans which starts from $49/month.

Flowchai is an AI tool designed for business, it enhances the capabilities of ChatGPT with its Chrome extension, automating data capture tasks and generating flow reports to streamline workflows. It supports various file types for data upload and allows email sharing of reports.

Flowchai offers monthly discounts for teachers, students and non-profit organzations. Users can send a message to Flowchai through their website to know more.

Flowchai offers credits based plans which they call Report credits, they are used for generating reports. The standard reports (OpenAI GPT-3.5) cost 1 report credit and advanced reports (OpenAI GPT-4) cost 10 report credits.

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