Extract and organize receipts from your email with Receiptify's AI receipt management software..
Primary Task:

What is Receiptify? is an AI-powered receipt management platform designed to streamline the process of retrieving and organizing receipts from emails. It offers comprehensive data extraction, QuickBooks integration, automatic backup, and easy report downloads. Users can quickly find all their receipts, extract detailed information, and upload receipts directly from their phones.

The platform ensures security with Cloud Application Security Assessment validation, making it a reliable tool for individuals and businesses aiming for efficient receipt management​

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Data Extraction: Automatically extracts detailed information from receipts, saving time on manual data entry.
  • QuickBooks Integration: Seamlessly connects with QuickBooks for efficient financial management and accounting.
  • Automatic Backup: Ensures all receipts are backed up, providing security and peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive Search: Easily locate any receipt with a robust search function, streamlining document retrieval.
  • Mobile Uploads: Conveniently upload receipts directly from your phone, ideal for on-the-go professionals.
  • Secure Platform: Employs Cloud Application Security Assessment validation for enhanced data security

Receiptify Pros

  • AI-powered data extraction
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Automatic backup for data security
  • Easy report generation and download
  • Comprehensive search function for easy retrieval
  • Mobile uploads for convenience
  • Secure platform
  • Cloud Application Security Assessment validation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Email integration to pull receipts directly
  • Detailed report generation
  • Expense tracking
  • Cloud-based for accessibility

Receiptify Cons

  • Requires internet connectivity
  • Limited to QuickBooks for direct accounting software integration
  • Dependence on accurate email receipt fetching
  • Limited customization options for specific business needs

Use cases for Receiptify

  • Small business: Looking to manage expenses by digitizing and organizing receipts for tax purposes.
  • Freelancers: To track project-related expenses by easily importing receipts into accounting software.
  • Corporate finance teams: Wanting to streamline expense report approvals with automated receipt collection and categorization.
  • Individuals: For tracking personal spending and budgeting by consolidating digital receipts in one place.
  • Retail businesses: Needing to manage and archive customer transaction records for service and returns.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers a limited free plan to its new users to try the tool for free, 1 email box, 25 receipts and Google Drive & Dropbox Sync. offers 3 plans: Individual plan with 100 receipts for $9/month Business plan with 1000 receipts for $29/month and Accountant plan with unlimited receipts for $79/month. Users can also save 20% when subscribing for the yearly plan. does not save any messages in their database and has successfully completed a Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) and received validation from the App Defense Alliance (ADA) making it a safe platform to use. does not save your emails in their database, they only retain message IDs for tracking processed items. Users can also choose to upload receipts manually and their AI will extract and categorize it in the same way. is a safe and legitimate platform, they have successfully completed validations and security protocols. Receiptify does not store your emails however, users can choose to upload receipts manually if they are still concerned about their emails being saved.

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