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Create fully immersive 360° images easily with Skybox by Blockade Labs
Primary Task:

What is Skybox?

Blockade Labs: Skybox AI is a powerful AI-driven tool that can generate 360° images with just one click. It has a range of styles to choose from and can be used in various applications, such as Fantasy Landscape, Anime Art Style, Surreal Style, Digital Painting, Scenic, Nebula, Realistic, SciFi, Dreamlike, and Interior Views, Sky, Modern Computer Animation, Infrared, Low Poly and Advanced (no style).

It features the ability to change through different visual styles, positive and negative prompts, and even allows you to take existing prompts and remix the results.

Key Features:

  • 360° Panoramic Images: Skybox Lab is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to create stunning 360° panoramic views from images with just one click.
  • Advanced Style: The advanced option allows users to create their own “style words” for a more personalized result.
  • Wide Range: Skybox offers a wide range of styles for various applications.
  • Easy To Use: Skybox brings users an easy-to-use interface that everyone can use to create their own 3D worlds.

Skybox AI lets you create stunning 3D worlds from text prompts for free. Simply describe your ideal scene or world and it will generate a beautiful, fully immersive 360-degree skybox environment. It is designed to work with heavy loads, hence users should give it some time to process the images.

Skybox Pros

  • Generates panoramic views
  • Text to image
  • Offers multiple styles
  • Positive & Negative prompts
  • Easy to use
  • Free version
  • Anime art style
  • Advanced style words option
  • Remix
  • Handles heavy loads
  • Self-created style words
  • Create stunning views

Skybox Cons

  • Limited style options
  • Heavy load processing times
  • Limited Free use
  • Lacks batch processing feature
  • No offline functionality
  • Doesn’t support all image formats
  • No user-defined customization

Use cases for Skybox

  • Digital Artists: Looking to create unique and immersive environments.
  • Game developers: Wanting to create realistic and engaging scenes for their projects.
  • Content Creators: Looking to create immersive content for their followers.
  • Marketers: Wanting to create captivating visuals for their marketing campaigns.
  • Interior designers: Seeking to visualize different styles and layouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Skybox offers 3 paid plans to the users, Basic: $10/month when billed annually or $12 each month, Pro: $20/month billed annually or $24 per month and Technowizard: $48/month billed annually or $60 per month.

Skybox Labs offers users 5 skyboxes for free and users can upgrade to their paid plans to get more skyboxes and features which starts from $10/month.

Skybox AI works by you entering a prompt as per your requirements and choose a style or give it your own style by using the Advanced option and it will generate a skybox based on your prompt.It also allows you to use positive and negative prompts as well as remix.

Skybox AI is used for creating 360-degree panoramic images easily just with a text prompt.

Skybox is an amazing easy to use and customizable AI tool that can create beautiful scenes.

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