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Stay informed about your political leaders with AI
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What is

CitizenPortal is an AI-powered platform designed to help citizens stay informed about their local leaders. Where news networks and social media twist the truth, hear the words of your elected leaders directly from them on every issue you care about on CitizenPortal. This helps not only to promote transparency but also to keep the citizens aware and reduce misinformation. At the same time, increasing the accountability of the elected officials.

Key Features:

  • Deep Search: Curious about what your elected leaders are saying about any topic? With CitizenPortal search, you can find every word spoken by every elected leader on every topic.
  • AI-Generated Summaries: Get AI-generated summaries of content in your area by signing up on CitizenPortal.
  • Create Clips: Create and save clips or highlights of any video with just a few clicks.
  • Share Insights: Share any clip via social media, sms, or email. Sharing is made easier than ever with smart clipping and sharing on Pros

  • Search
  • Increases accountability of elected officials
  • Promotes transparency
  • Create clips
  • Sharable clips
  • Increases awareness
  • Available for free
  • Reduces misinformation
  • Unbiased information Cons

  • Only for United States of America
  • Doesn’t have data on all of the states yet

Use cases for

  • Citizens: To stay away from misinformation and hear the information right from the source.
  • Reporters & Researchers: To find the exact information and data.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an AI-powered platform designed to help citizens stay informed and provide them with AI-generated summaries of documents and meetings at the city state and federal level.

CitizenPortal provides citizens with transcriptions and AI-generated summaries of government officials.

CitizenPortal uses artificial intelligence to transcribe the videos, so no manipulation can be done to the information and hence it is accurate. is free to use for anyone who signs up on the website.

CitizenPortal only covers information on the US till now. It hasn’t been mentioned if they are planning to expand or not.

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