paraphrase-tool-ai In-Depth Review, Features, and Pricing 2024


Paraphrase Tool AI is an online paraphrasing tool that has gotten quick traction due to its ease of use and efficient results. No matter how difficult a given piece of text is, the tool will take no more than a couple of seconds to transform it into a unique output that’s well-written and easy to understand without you having to worry about plagiarism.

It has become a life-saver platform for writers, students, bloggers, digital marketers, and researchers. Due to it offering great productivity and usability, more people want to know about the tool. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Paraphrase Tool AI.

What is Paraphrase Tool AI is an AI-backed paraphrasing tool designed to rewrite text to make it engaging and readable for common readers. 


It employs advanced AI technology to deeply analyze your texts and produce their counterparts without deviating from the original context.

  • It’s great for eradicating plagiarism from content
  • Can generate fresh variants of old text
  • Creates human-like text by avoiding robotic phrases
  • Boosts overall quality of the text

Now, that you have a general overview of the tool, let’s dig deeper into its features and pricing details.

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Key Features

With a user-centric approach in mind, the paraphrase tool comes loaded with some of the most productive features you need to excel in paraphrasing.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

On top of the list, we have multiple paraphrasing modes to help you generate a customized output that meets your specific requirements. 

These include SEO, academic, anti-plagiarism, fluency, creative, and formal.

Those who wish to convert an informal piece of text into an official write-up can leverage the ‘Formal’ mode. Likewise, those wanting to optimize their content can choose the ‘SEO’ mode.

Multi-Language Support

The tool offers support for multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Turkish.  

This feature enables users from other than English countries can use this paraphrasing tool in their first language.

Essay Rewriter features a dedicated Essay Rewriter that allows turning existing academic materials into unique texts. 

That means you will not have to worry about plagiarism or copyright issues, as the resulting output will be completely original.



Do you have a long piece of text that’s difficult to understand? Paraphrase Tool’s summarizer takes long-form texts and instantly reduces their length without sacrificing basic or core details. 

You just have to enter the text, click the ‘Summarize’ button, and there you have it!


Grammar Checker

Not sure about the grammatical accuracy of your text? Use the Grammar Checker tool to identify and fix those unwanted typos, inconsistencies, and grammatical mistakes. 

It takes just a few seconds to run a quick audit and provide you with highlighted areas lacking accuracy.


Humanize AI Text

If you are uncertain about the humanoid tone of your text, use the Humanize AI text feature and convert your AI-generated text into human-like writing. It’s a quick and efficient way to turn robotic text into a humanized piece.


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Plagiarism Remover

Aside from the Anti-plagiarism paraphrasing mode given at the top, there’s a dedicated plagiarism remover that helps you eliminate copy issues from a given text.


Secure to Use

The tool is completely secure to use for everyone. You can feel protected while paraphrasing sensitive information because it gets deleted from their system after completing your request.

Improved Readability and Style

Paraphrase Tool AI makes sure the output you get is humanly readable with no complicated terminologies and intricate sentence structures.

Pricing Plans

Paraphrasetool.Ai offers both free and premium subscriptions. If you are a basic user, you can take advantage of the free version that allows you to paraphrase up to 250 words in one attempt. 

The great thing about this plan is that the tool does not even require you to complete any registration process. Just visit the paraphrasing tool, paste your text, and start paraphrasing right away.

Free Plan

The free plan is limited to 3 rewrites per day and offers access to basic features such as its limited paraphrasing modes.

Premium Plans starting at $6.95/month

There are three premium plans that you can choose from: Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly. The last one comes with a massive discount of 44%.

  • Weekly plan is available for $6.95 per week.
  • Monthly plan costs $14.95 per month.
  • Yearly plan can be accessed for $8.33 per month ($99.95/year).

All of these plans bring premium features, including:

  • Unlimited paraphrasing
  • Complete access to all modes
  • 24/7 professional support
  • No ads or captchas
  • 10x speeds

Refund Policy

The great thing about is that they offer a refund policy. You can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the results provided. However, this is subject to specific conditions. 

For instance, you can request a refund within the first two days of making your first purchase.  Furthermore, you can cancel the plan renewal at any time.


Paraphrase Tool AI is an innovative solution for students, writers, bloggers, researchers, and marketers. It enables you to quickly rewrite text while retaining its core meaning, which saves the user a lot of time that they can spend on other productive tasks. 

The tool brings more than a few useful features such as multi-language support, different paraphrasing modes, security of information, no sign-up required, affordable premium plans, essay rewriter, grammar checker, plagiarism remover, and text humanizer.

All these features make it a one-stop shop for all your text rewriting requirements. The tool will take care of everything so that you can enjoy saving your precious time. However, it is advisable to carefully review the generated results to find and fix any inconsistencies (which are rare to observe). 

So, give it a try and let us know how Paraphrase Tool AI works to satisfy your needs in the comment section below.

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