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The all encompassing music kit for the modern creator.
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What is Kits AI?

Kits AI is an all-encompassing music kit AI platform designed for musicians to enhance their music production. The platform’s advanced AI engine possesses the ability to generate melodies and harmonies, and even suggest instrumentation based on user inputs.

It offers the ability to modify voices using a wide range of pre-trained AI voices, featuring both licensed artist voices and royalty-free options. You can also use this tool to train, create, and share your own custom AI voices.

Key Features:

  • AI Voice Conversion: Convert any audio into another voice using one of the thousands of AI voices on Kits.AI.
  • AI Voice Cloning: Create your voice model to use and share. Upload audio or paste a YouTube link and hit the train button.
  • Vocal Separator: Split any song into clear vocals and remix-ready instrumentals so you can fine-tune your AI covers.
  • Instrument Library: Convert any input audio into any instrument to inspire new material to use in your productions.
  • Official Artist voice library: Sing like your favorite artists with official, licensed voice models.
  • Royalty-Free Voice Library: Find the perfect voice for all your content, from music to videos to podcasts.
  • Youtube Covers & Datasets: Create instant AI covers and voice model datasets.

Kits AI Pros

  • Generate vocals for a song
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Licensed voice models
  • Royalty-free voice library
  • AI voice model training
  • Supports .pth files
  • Enhances music productions
  • Collaboration between artists
  • Single-click model training
  • Voice model sharing with others
  • Access to wide vocal styles

Kits AI Cons

  • Relies on user input
  • No mobile app
  • No offline functionality
  • Limited voice styles
  • Limited to .pth files
  • Limited artist voice models

Use cases for Kits AI

  • Music production novices: Kits AI serves as a guiding light for those new to music production.
  • Producers and composers: Expedite the brainstorming phase,by utilizing the plethora of melody, harmony, and instrumentation ideas.
  • Experiment with music: Generate novel and unconventional musical patterns that can be explored within experimental compositions.
  • Collaborate projects: Collaborate with other users and effortlessly share project files.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers musician the ability to enhance their music with the help of AI. It can convert any audio into another voice, you can also train your own model easily. has 3 plans: Converter: $9.99/month with 60 minutes of conversion and 1 premium voice slot. Creator: $24.99/month with unlimited minutes and 3 premium voice slots. Composer: $59.99/month with 10 premium voice models. allows you to create music and vocals with the help of artificial intelligence.

Kits AI is one of the best AI music platforms out there. It can generate vocals with easy to use interface with licensed and royalty free voice models. is available for free with limited functionality. For more advanced features and minutes you can upgrade to the paid plan. We recommend the Creator plan as it offers the best value for money for casual-mid users.

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