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Generate images and videos with a delightful AI tool.
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What is KreaAI?

KreaAI Canvas is an AI tool that helps creatives find and generate images for their projects, designed to help users explore and create visual ideas. The AI Canvas also features image variations, inpainting, background removal, super-resolution, and more.

Furthermore, Canvas includes capabilities to fine-tune your search using modifiers and tags, and save your favorite images.

Key Features:

  • Search Engine: Find and generate images using keywords and fine-tune them.
  • Prompt Generator: Create your own prompts for generating images using AI.
  • Smart Object Removal: Automatically detects and removes objects.
  • Community Library: Provides access to AI models trained by the community.
  • Real-time AI Training: Learns about the user’s aesthetic preferences while using Krea.
  • AI Training: Train an AI engine in your own style.
  • Stable Diffusion XL: Integrates a new stable diffusion model as an AI engine.

KreaAI Pros

  • Text-to-image generation
  • Renders images quickly
  • Private beta access
  • Create visuals from ideas
  • Background removal feature
  • Features image variations
  • Active community
  • Inpainting tool
  • Super-resolution capabilities
  • Fine-tuning features
  • Upcoming new features

KreaAI Cons

  • May lack certain features
  • Waitlist to join
  • Detailed fine-tuning might be complex
  • No mention of API
  • Unspecified image output quality
  • Limited to user input
  • Possible learning curve

Use cases for KreaAI

  • Content Creators: Looking for AI-powered tools to enhance their creativity.
  • Artists: Looking for inspiration and advanced features.
  • Designers: Seeking inspiration for designs.
  • Anyone who wants to create or find images.
  • For fun

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Krea AI helps creatives find and generate images by using keywords. It also has a prompt generator which helps users create prompts for their ideas. is a free AI tool to use but it is currently not available to all and has a waitlist.

To get access to, users will have to create an account with Krea and then apply to join the waitlist or if they can enter an invite code. is an AI-powered tool, that helps users find and create images easily with the help of artificial intelligence.

Krea AI is a great AI tool for finding and generating images from keywords and fine tuning results.

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