Generate speech, vocals, and rap videos from text with Uberduck.ai
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What is Uberduck?

Uberduck AI is an artificial intelligence powered platform that provides users with synthetic music vocals tools. Including text-to-speech, voice cloning, synthetic music creation, creating rap music and videos, and using voice clones for commercial and personal purposes.

Key Features:

  • Text to Voice: Generate speech, vocals, and raps from text from a variety of voices or create your own.
  • Voice Cloning: Create your own voice clone and use it to speak, rap, and sing, and use it for commercial or personal uses.
  • Voice to Voice: Change your voice to someone else’s while also preserving your style.
  • API Access: Get API access with any paid plan and customize your voice however you like.
  • Rap Generator: Generate Rap songs easily with the Uberduck.ai rap generator.
  • Chatbots and AI: Utilize chatbots and AI which provide users with innovative solutions for content creation.

Uberduck Pros

  • APIs for apps
  • Rap Generator
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Offers a Free version
  • Custom voice clones
  • Active Discord community
  • Interactive voice and chatbots
  • Platform for content creators

Uberduck Cons

  • Limited voice customization
  • Requires internet connection
  • API only with paid plans
  • Custom voices require user audio
  • Some learning curve

Use cases for Uberduck

  • Musicians: To create vocals for their tracks from text, use voice clone or create a rap.
  • Short video creators: can utilize Uberduck.ai to enhance the quality of their text-to-speech transitions.
  • Content creators: To create engaging voice-over audio for videos, podcasts, or presentations.
  • AI enthusiasts: Who love to experiment with the latest AI technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Uberduck AI offers a free version to its users, it comes with 300 render credits per month for free but it can not be used for commercial purposes.

Uberduck AI is safe to use, it has a good trust score as well as a SSL.

Uberduck.ai verifies the voice when you use it to create a clone to make sure it does not violate any copyrights. Music created with its paid plan allows you to use it for commercial purposes but who owns the copyright of it unclear.

Uberduck offers its API with its paid plan, so to access the API feature users will have to upgrade to the paid plan which starts at $10/month.

Uberduck comes with a monthly limit with its plans, Creator which grants 3600 render credits and Enterprise with 500k+ credits. One second of audio costs 1 render credit and one second of video costs 2 render credits.

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