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Explore a unique approach on Podcasting by using AI
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What is Earkind?

Earkind is an AI that generates podcasts focusing on Artificial Intelligence news, research paper dives, and joke attempts. The podcast promises to keep listeners entertained with its commentary on AI topics. It is a unique approach to podcasting that leverages AI to create engaging content centered around Artificial Intelligence.

It aims to provide AI-generated podcasts that do not bore listeners to death. The platform is available on popular podcast-listening apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts. And is planning on making the code public with explanation.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Podcasts: Earkind uses AI to generate podcasts about AI news, and research paper analyses, and gives a humorous take on the subject.
  • Entertainment-Focused: Earkind aims to provide listeners with entertaining and lively commentary, ensuring that AI-related topics are engaging and enjoyable.
  • Show Highlights: The flagship show, “GPT Reviews,” features host Giovani Pete Tizzano (AI follower), along with collaborators Robert (Unimpressed analyst) and Belinda (Witty research expert), providing diverse perspectives.
  • Availability: Available across all major Podcast listening platforms.

Earkind Pros

  • Entertaining and informative
  • Available for free
  • Available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple
  • Open to user feedback
  • AI generated throughout
  • Accessible contact information
  • Witty commentary and jokes

Earkind Cons

  • No offline access
  • Limited to AI specific genre
  • Relies on third-party apps
  • Joke quality may vary
  • No transcript available

Use cases for Earkind

AI and Technology enthusiasts can listen to this podcast on their preferred platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Listeners can listen to the AI generated podcast Earkind on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcast and Google Podcasts.

Earkind is free to listen to, it is available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Earkind makes AI generated podcast on AI related topics such as AI News and Research paper analysis, it also focuses on making the podcast entertaining with humor.

Earkind is a podcast that uses AI to generate its podcasts.

Earkind is a podcast made with AI, it focuses on all topics related to artificial intelligence and is available across all major podcast streaming platforms.

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